Below are some photos that our customers have been kind enough to share with us. We thought you might enjoy seeing the great results they've achieved. We would enjoy seeing photos of your completed Frenchman River Model Works kits. You may find your achievements posted here for all to enjoy. Please send your photos to: [email protected]
V.S. Roseman Diesel Railroad Tugboat
V.S. Roseman Diesel Railroad Tugboat
Built by: V.S. Roseman for his upcoming article

Frenchman River Model Works #111 HO (1/87) Scale 68' Steam Freighter
Built by John B. Pasco, WA

Frenchman River Model Works #95 O/On30 (1/48) Scale 34' Lobster Boat
Built by: Robert Bennett, Maine
"I just ordered a set of your lobster boxes ("cars" as we call them here in Maine). Just thought you'd like to know that these and all of the traps I ordered will be on a waterfront diorama that will be featured in the next On30 Annual From Carstens. I'm also doing a clinic for the Maine Narrow Gauge Show on 4/2 that will highlight them as well. They're great looking replicas of the real thing-easy to assemble and realistic in size and shape." Best, Bob Bennett Maine 3/21/11
Harbor Tug built by Troels Kirk
Harbor Tug Built by Troels Kirk
O/On30 (1/48) Scale 45' Steam Harbor Tugboat Kit
Built by: Troels Kirk Sweden
"...Man does a prefabricated hull make life easy! It is a great little kit...everything fits well, and the result is very pleasing to my eyes. I substituted period softwood fenders for the tires in the kit. All my prototype tug photos from Maine have these fenders..." To see more of Troels Kirk's work check out his facebook page!
Harbor Tugboat built by Jack Heier
Frenchman River Model Works #131 HO (1/87) Scale Harbor Tugboat
Built by Jack Heier
Frenchman River Model Works #205 O/On30 (1/48) Scale Awning Kit
Built by Charles Slanina
Diesel Railroad Tug by Daniel Berube
Built by Daniel Berube
Rimouski, Quebec
#212 HO (1/87) Scale 92' Steam Railroad Tugboat
Built by Don Cope Elkhart, Indiana
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