Below are some photos that our customers have been kind enough to share with us. We thought you might enjoy seeing the great results they've achieved. We would enjoy seeing photos of your completed Frenchman River Model Works kits. You may find your achievements posted here for all to enjoy. Please send your photos to: [email protected] 

Scene built by Michael Reynolds, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I combined 2 of your Store 4 Rent kits with a few odd bits to make a structure for my upcoming On30 shelf layout. I used Sculpy clay product to bridge the gap between the two kits. I excluded a wall between the kits. Bass wood and bits from my scrap box did the rest. This is not the first of your kits I have enjoyed and I have at least 4 more on hand to build yet. Hope you enjoy seeing what we do to your fine kits, at least as much as we enjoy building them. Keep up the good work!" -Michael Reynolds

Scene built by Richard Walker, Southold, NY
*Richard used multiple kits and also added his own details

"Just finished adding a fishing boat to my seaport. Thought you would like to see the finished product. It was a finishing touch I felt it needed. Another great kit from Frenchman River. Thanks" John C.

Kit #101  HO 1:87 Scale 34' Steam Launch 
Model built by Bob Smith

"I found the HO Steam Launch waterline kit (#101) to be a great model for some minor embellishments as the provided accessories are sufficient. It is intended on my layout to taxi sailors from my version of the Poseidon Canning Company to various places in the bay. In this version are three riders with a captain at the helm and his every present dog. Thank you for producing great products.  They are fun to model. ~Bob"

built by Tim McFeeley

"I love your kits.  Easy to work with [and] complete instructions. Attached is your lobster boat, my Maryland crab boat to fit my layout, because they are essentially the same thing. The Miss Aubrey has had a long crab season and needs some off season loving…  The crab cooler is actually an N scale dumpster that was curved on the back to fit perfectly along the hull. Keep up the great work." ~Tim McFeeley

Built by Steve Lennox, West Bath, Maine

"I just completed my Vertical Cylinder Steam Winch Kit that I recently purchased. This little kit once finished is terrific. The laser work is superb, specially the brake wheels which are excellent and slip into place smoothly. I have really enjoyed the kit so much I want to let you know. Your winch will end up on Deerfield Laser's SS Venture kit which I have added my additional details. Realizing this winch was most likely designed for anchor chain I plan on using it for the main cargo winch. If you ever do a ships cargo winch I would be first in line to purchase it. Thank you again for a great kit." -Steve Lennox  West Bath, Maine

Kit #551 HO 1:87 Scale Poseidon Canning Company Complex

Built and modified by Craig Belcher, Wake Forest, North Carolina

"Enjoyed building the canning co model I purchased from you needs more details on the wharf and boats I'll be purchasing the jib crane and fishing boat kit eventually thanks again" -Craig Belcher

Kit #211 HO 1:87 Scale 92' Diesel Railroad Tug Boat

Built by Richard Guyer, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"The model is of the CNJ tugboat Sandy Hook in the as-delivery livery in 1953. This is before the CNJ tugs were repainted forest green with the yellow “toothpaste” striping which was the final paint scheme. The CNJ tugs were very similar to the B&O diesel tug that you have so beautifully produced. I made modification to CNJize it. The decals were custom made and I believe that the model accurately reflects the actual tug. Thanks for your great kits!"  -Dick Guyer    

built by Trudy Seeley of San Diego, California

"I really enjoyed building the O scale fishing boat kit. It now sits in a little inlet under a train bridge in a layout in the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park. Thank you for creating a great kit!" -Trudy

built by Tim Gilliland of Yuma, Arizona

"I'm a longtime fan of Tom Yorke kits and now of yours as well. I purchased the Poseidon kit and fishing boat a while back and finally assembled them but with a few changes. I rearranged the components, added a scratch roof section and front to reflect the west coast." ~Tim

built by Joe Massey of Hagerstown Md.

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