Below are some photos that our customers have been kind enough to share with us. We thought you might enjoy seeing the great results they've achieved. We would enjoy seeing photos of your completed Frenchman River Model Works kits. You may find your achievements posted here for all to enjoy. Please send your photos to: [email protected]

Built by: Mike Lawler
Steam Freighter by Gordon Bown
Built by: Gordon Bown
"Just thought I’d send along a couple of photos of the Clyde Puffer kit which I ordered from you last December; I just finished her last night after about a month’s work. Spot on for the 1920’s, she will bring a lot of interest to my GWR railway layout. I used a combination of Apple Barrel acrylics and Humbrol enamel paints, and really enjoyed constructing my first resin kit…was even able to add a whistle to the funnel! Thanks for producing such a well designed model. Best wishes for a great Spring season!"
-Gordon Bown

Modified and Built by: Mac Strong, England

Frenchman River Model Works various kits and parts used in O Scale
Scene Built by: Wendell Grant, Florida

Built by: Steve Gust Lincoln, CA

"I love my railroad barge from Frenchman River! What a great model! In the near future I'll be placing another order for your sea wall (pilings) to build the moorage for my barge.

As an aside, this is such a good model to place on the front of the layout because this style of apron did not have the huge overhead gears and counterbalances......which certainly would have been in the way on my project. I also appreciate the track already mounted on the deck of the much better than the styrene rail pieces offered by one of your competitors..."

-Steve G in Lincoln CA
Frenchman River Model Works HO 1:87 Scale 45' Harbor Tugboat
Built by: Brian Berke

Frenchman River Model Works various detail parts used to complete this scene
Built by: Charles Slanina

Frenchman River Model Works Kit #111 HO 1:87 Scale 68' Steam Freighter
Built by: Herb Deeks

Frenchman River Model Works various detail parts used to complete this scene
Built by: Bob Smith Franklin, Tennessee

Frenchman River Model Works Kit #196 O/On30 1:48 Scale 52'x32' Pier
Built by: Dave Jones, Loveland, OH

"Not done adding details, however I wanted to show you how nice your Pier looks on my Harbor. The HO Campbell Scale Wharf is lower left and required so much more work, time and material to complete. Your kit was really quick to build and I get the same result." -Dave Jones

Frenchman River Model Works Kit #86 O/On30 1:48 Scale Wooden Fishing Boat
Built by: Peter Gulotta

Built by: Jim Cleveland, Langdon, ND

Frenchman River Model Works Kit #95 O/On30 1:48 Scale 34' Lobster Boat
Built by: Ray Engineer: Greenville, SC

"I just finished building your kit of the O scale Lobster Boat and I absolutely loved it. I put her on water base and added crew figures from a monogram 1/48 scale bomber. I look forward to building more of your kits soon. Thank you"
Ray Engineer
Greenville, SC.

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