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O/On30 1:48 Scale 45’ Steam Harbor Tugboat Kit
O/On30 1:48 Scale 45' Steam Harbor Tugboat Kit
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O/On30 1:48 Scale 45’ Steam Harbor Tugboat Kit

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O/On30 1:48 Scale 45’ Steam Harbor Tugboat Kit

Small, steam harbor tugboats similar to this were built from the turn of the century into the 1940's and were still in use through the 1960's when they were eventually replaced by diesel harbor tugs. Designed to maneuver in and around busy, crowded ports and rivers, they carried out conventional tugboat duties including helping dock ships and towing/pushing small barges.

One piece resin castings include a hull, superstructure and wheelhouse. Additional resin castings include: tire bumpers, running light shields, smokestack, doors, and bow fender. Lead free pewter castings include: mast, searchlight, anchor, horn, davit and bitts. Laser cut windows and searchlight lens make this kit a "sea-breeze" to assemble. Completed kit measures 11½".


"I seem to recall asking readers to consider thinking outside the box when contemplating their next modeling project.

This product from Frenchman River Model Works really fits the bill in that regard. Now, before you simply disregard this review as it is not military, consider this. These Harbour Tugs were used in various forms by all nations fighting in both World Wars. 

The kit is impressive in both the way it is cast (with no imperfections what so ever) and the way it goes together. All of the major assemblies basically just click together. I believe this is a major achievement, as resin does have a tendency to shrink slightly making this sort of fit almost impossible to achieve. The model is presented in a waterline format and comes in a large white box with an eight page instruction booklet. The kit itself is made up of 21 cast resin and 21 white metal castings. There is scope to detail this model up as most of the wheel house detail is not present. The model measures 29 cm from bow to stern. I am seriously impressed with this model. The applications for this model to be used in a military diorama are almost endless. If time permits I will feature this model in a diorama I am planning to do this year.

Highly Recommended."

~Luke Pitt 
Model Military International –January 2012 edition

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