From Jim’s Workbench:

     We are fast approaching the shipping date for the new M. Spillane Building kit which is designed by Thomas Yorke and produced by us, Frenchman River Model Works. As we get a new kit ready for production, we always build a pilot model to be sure that everything is included in the kit and we are familiar with how it builds. I won’t lie; one of my favorite parts of my job is getting to build a kit with each new product release. 

     Generally, I (Jim) build the kit and Anna paints and weathers it. As I am completing the build, I felt that I had to take a moment on this particular project to reflect and share some thoughts with you all. I have been blown away as I have built our pilot model of the M. Spillane Building! The detail and engineering that went into this brand new resin kit by Thomas Yorke has been nothing short of amazing. Tom put an incredible amount of attention into the architectural details and assembly sequence.  I have built hundreds of kits in one fashion or another whether other manufacturer’s kits or my own creations since I was in my early teens and I must say that I have enjoyed this build more than any other kit that I have ever had the pleasure of building. 

     Tom has designed the kit to assemble easily, yet have a complex and classic feel to it that leaves the modeler with a true sense of accomplishment with each step completed. It has the complexities that will please a veteran modeler, but is easy enough for a relative newcomer to tackle. The presence that this building exudes is truly spectacular. This kit is sure to go down as one of the truly iconic O/On30 1:48 Scale building kits ever produced. The M. Spillane Building model will be a center piece wherever it is displayed whether that be on a layout or placed on a bookcase or mantle. 

     Again, Tom has done an amazing job with this 50th Anniversary kit release and we are proud to be producing what is sure to become one of his legacy kits. We are confident that you will love building and displaying this as much as we have.



Date 4/16/2024

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