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December 21, 2022

As the holidays are quickly approaching, we are excited to begin shipping the HO Scale Armstrong Barrel and Box Company produced under our Stinkwater Crik label in the next week or so. Shipping this kit has been delayed several times due to several production delays. We are currently waiting on printing to arrive and will be shipping once it is here. Producing this kit has been a lot of fun and we are thrilled with how it’s turned out. It will be worth the wait! Plans are being developed for the next Stinkwater Crik release coming in January or February of 2023. 

 It’s been over a year and a half since we purchased a line of Thomas Yorke designed kits from Dennis Brandt of Branline and we have been thoroughly enjoying putting these kits back into production. Each kit that we release becomes our new favorite Thomas Yorke kit. The details and character that Tom built into these kits is always just amazing to work with. I enjoy and look forward to building each of our display models as we work through the process. We have felt it important to build one of each kit before we release it, so that we are familiar with the kit contents, building sequence and details and signage that go with each one. We have tried to keep these kits as true to Thomas Yorke’s original design while updating methods, materials and printed matter where needed. We are looking forward to our next Thomas Yorke kit release: The Chinese Laundry in O Scale. It is shaping up to be yet another amazing kit and our new favorite! We’ve included an in progress picture here, however, the full construction and painting is well underway and we look forward to sharing more photos as they become available. 

 Hope you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Thanks again for another great year here at Frenchman River Mode Works. 

- Jim

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