Our  quality resin kits are engineered to go together quickly and easily. All the hulls of the ships are one piece castings and the rest of the pieces go together like building blocks. Add the included detail parts, then paint and you're done! Complete instructions are so easy to follow that, although these kits are labeled and recommended for children over age 14, our children down to age 8 or 9 can easily follow most instructions and complete a kit in minimal time with great results. See the picture sequence below to see an example of how one of our kits go together.

For the experienced modeler these kits provide endless opportunities for kit-bashing your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. For the beginner to intermediate modeler our kits easily build into a beautiful model that everyone will think you spent hours scratch building...only you will the know the difference! Regardless of your modeling experience, each of our kits pack enough detail and character to ensure a "front-and-center" place on your train layout or module.

When you open your kit from Frenchman River Model Works you'll notice that everything is packed well so that the parts are cushioned and protected. The resin and pewter parts are clean with very minimal "flash" to clean up. The kit parts photos pictured with each kit throughout this website are indicative of the quality of the parts you can expect "fresh out of the box". We believe our phrase, "Quick assembly time! Great results" truly says it all.

Resin kits need cyanoacrylic (CA) super glue to assemble them. Regular model glue will NOT work. You can pick up some of this glue at your local hobby shop, or we offer a kit complete with more than enough CA glue to complete any of our kits, an applicator tool, and applicator tip as well as an instruction sheet to help you if you're not familiar with the glue. CA glue is VERY easy to work with and when used with the accelerator will set instantly. We also offer a product called "UN-CURE" to help you if you need to undo anything. Available HERE

Your kit may be easily painted using your favorite type of paint as well as your favorite method of painting (i.e. brush, aerosol can, or airbrush). We have found that simply brushing on acrylic craft paint can give great results! We also use and highly recommend products by Dr. Ben's Scale Consortium for beautiful results! Available HERE

This is an example of how the resin parts fit together using the HO (1/87) Scale 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat Kit
*Please Note: this "demonstration" is meant only to show the basics of how easily our kits assemble. Some detail parts and assembly sequences have been omitted in these photos.

One Piece Hull

The one piece superstructure and bow fender are added to the hull. All parts are placed on indexing rings cast in place to insure a perfect, easy fit. No guessing!

One piece wheelhouse and Fidley are placed on the superstructure, again using the indexing rings cast in place.

One piece smoke stack, life float, ladder and mast base are placed in their indexing rings. Pewter and other misc. detail parts and your choice of paint scheme finish off this beautiful, railroad tugboat. Included pewter pieces shown below.

pewter detail parts

Final results after painting and detailing

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