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Below are some photos that our customers have been kind enough to share with us. We thought you might enjoy seeing the great results they've achieved. We would enjoy seeing photos of your completed Frenchman River Model Works kits. You may find your achievements posted here for all to enjoy. Please send your photos to: [email protected]

#211 HO (1/87) Scale 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat
Built by: Andrew Browne United Kingdom
Built by: Leo Starrenburg Netherlands
Frenchman River Model Works HO (1/87) Scale 169' 2 Track Station Float
Built by: John Teichmoeller Maryland
Built by: Tom Keast
*Note: Tom added extra detail parts to replicate the prototype photos

Frenchman River Model Works #111  HO (1/87) Scale 68' Steam Freighter
Built by: Brandon Wehe
Lobster Boat by Richard Beck
Frenchman River Model Works #91 HO (1/87) Scale 34' Lobster Boat Kit
Built by: Richard Beck
Awnings by Robert Wintzinger
Frenchman River Model Works Awning Kit
Built by: Robert Wintzinger

model by: Jim Cleveland
Photo by: Tim Warris of Fast Tracks
Built by: Michel Louette France
Frenchman River Model Works #95 O/On30 (1/48) Scale 34' Lobster Boat
Built By: Michel Louette France
Built by: Michel Louette France
HO (1/87) Scale 45' Harbor Tugboat Kit
Frenchman River Model Works #131 HO (1/87) Scale 45' Harbor Tugboat
Built by: Mike Hamer Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"My name is Mike Hamer and I am a model railroader living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where I model the Boston and Maine and Maine Central railroads. I love harbourfront scenes and your HO Scale 45’ Harbor Tug (Kit #131) was a joy to build. I scratchbuilt a fender to the front bow of the vessel...I’ve brought this model out to display tables many times in the past couple of years and viewers certainly are impressed with the authenticity of this Frenchman River model...Once again, thank you for producing such a wonderful model!"
Frenchman River Model Works  HO (1/87) Scale 92' Steam Railroad Tugboat
Built By: Stephen Coppinger New Zealand
O (1/48) Scale 45' Diesel Harbor Tugboat
Frenchman River Model Works O (1/48) Scale 45' Diesel Harbor Tugboat
Built By: Michael Failla  
I really enjoyed the o scale diesel tug (45 foot) many modifications made. I made a new stack and ventilators also added roof details to the cabin area like a/c unit . I made it as if it had been overhauled and I like the results, I added rubber bump bars along the side and a fire suppression kit on starboard side of stack. I use it along my work barge with crane and work spuds. I also made the hawsers and plan on some light weathering in the future. Her name on the fantail is "challenger". I also added handrails next to hatches to cabin and they are brass. I like it and I believe it came out well and sure was fun to build. Excellent kit and I recommend it.
Frenchman River Model Works O (1/48) Scale 34' Lobster Boat
Built By: Michael Phipps
I recently purchased your Lobster Boat on Ebay, and was very pleased when looking over the kit parts. After completing the kit, I was so very impressed with your product, I ordered direct, the Lobster Shack, Utility Boat, and additional lobster traps. Today, I received my order, and could not wait to write a note to express my gratitude for your outstanding work. I thoroughly enjoyed constructing your kits, and the finished product do not look like resin at all. Thanks again for your great offerings. I look forward to making additional purchases. ~Mike Phipps 
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